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A rough account of our brief European adventures. A more succinct, better written, more polished version will be found in Mess + Noise Magazine Issue 11. But for now let's begin...

Saturday 14th October: Singapore
Breaking up our 23 hour flight to Europe with a stop over in Singapore. Andy chillin' with the locals.

Monday 16th October: London, U.K.
Visiting the Queen.

Tuesday 17th October: London, U.K.
Meeting up with The Presets, and tour manager Louisa. They've been busy storming through Europe and the U.S. with The Rapture, making a noise along the way.

Head to Koko and watch the The Rapture play. End up back stage drinking Champagne with them and some Trans Am guys, who seem to know a lot of our Melbourne friends back home.

Finish the night back at Klaxons place. We end up stranded in the middle of nowhere, after assuming the tube would run 24 hours. It shuts down at midnight by the way.

Wednesday 18th October: London, U.K.
Meet with friends from home, DJ Ajax and Johnny from Children Collide. Good times ahead.

We play our first UK show at a sold out ULU, supporting the Presets. Great to see people really getting into it.

Was a lotta fun. We head down to our afterparty across the road at some bowling alley. End up having to hide the camera before I'm accused of chasing celeb shots of Peaches Geldof and others floating about. Honestly, all I'm after are pics of drunken friends trying to bowl.

Thursday 19th October: Copenhagen, Denmark
Bright like Neon Love.

Copenhagen is amazing. There's cute Danish girls riding bikes everywhere. Bands are really well looked after here too.

Friendly locals.

Friday 20th October: Copenhagen, Denmark
We play at some cool venue called Vega. Here's a local band playing before us. Spend this time frantically trying to get Princess Mary's number but our contact falls through. Still a fun night though.

Saturday 21st October: Paris, France
This is our suave friend JR, clasping his hands in a cold Metro station. We're staying at his apartment while in Paris. He runs an ultra cool French label called Institubes. They're starting to take over in a big way.

The Paris Metro also became our friend.

Dinner with the Institubes family. Surkin, Para One, Tacteel, Das Glow, Teki Latex, TTC, Emile from Arcade Mode, and more friends. Paris is a hotspot for awesome music at the moment so we're happy to be welcomed with open arms. We decide to move here.

Sunday 22nd October: Paris, France
Chillin' in the studio with Para One. Listening to him finish up a new remix for Bloc Party.

Monday 23rd October: Paris, France
JR's cat, AKA our furry little alarm clock.

Meet with DJ Mehdi for lunch. Played together recently in Perth and doing a remix swap soon. Here's his wife Fafi who's an amazing graphic artist. She gave us some stickers which now live on my keyboard.

Sexodrome by Day >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> Sexodrome by Night

Tuesday 24th October: Paris, France
We're lucky enough to be shown through the streets of Paris by music royalty, Alan Braxe! An ultra cool tour guide.

Everywhere in Paris looks like a postcard.

He then took us to the top of the Eiffel Tower which we loved.

It's really really high. A long way down.

Yes, the Eiffel tower is really high.

A lot of love for Alan Braxe. Looking forward to working with him.

Wednesday 25th October: Paris, France
Dropping in on slick superstar Busy P. He gives us a load of new records from his Ed Banger stable. Apart from making his own killer music he also manages Daft Punk which is rather awesome. Another ultra cool guy. Touring Australia with Justice soon which will be huge.

There's fun parties going on everynight in grand old Parisian buildings with open bars and French artists acting all French. Here's one party we went to under a bridge with two thousand others entertained by Trevor Jackson, Gonzalas and supposedely P-Diddy.

Institubes and Ed Banger will be having their joint Christmas party there soon. When we left we discovered it's near impossible to find a late night taxi. We wait until 6am for the Metro to start up again. Somehow Andy is able to sleep anywhere he lays down.

Thursday 26th October: Paris, France
We played our first show in Paris at La Triptyque which was great. People went nuts.

JR with Bennie from Riot in Belgium who also DJed on the night.

Friday 27th October: London, UK
Back in Britain. Played Adventures Close to Home at a packed out Vice Pub. Thanks Pavla Kopecna for the pics.

Ended the night jumping from Halloween party to Halloween Party. There's a lot of Halloween parties in this town.

Sunday 29th October: Manchester, UK
On the streets with The Valentinos and Flat Eric. Lots of bands are in Manchester to play a music event called In The City.

We played in the crappiest venue ever in Manchester. Some bar with an Australian theme which was embaressing. There also seemed to be a lot of skinheads too. I took an audience shot mid set just before they rushed me. Most were into it though.

Met with Children Collide again who were also playing Manchester and ended up in some posh hotel lobby, drinking White Russians well into the night.

Well that was Manchester. Spent a few more days in London, saw a few more bands and a few more Halloween parties.

Friday 3rd November: Hong Kong
OK Big Qantas plane. Take us home.

Well that's it for now. Thanks to everyone who looked after us on this little trip. Sorry if we weren't able to fit you into this brief diary as it would have gone on forever. We'll be back when we get this album together. See y'all soon...